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 General information about the new courses provided by Digireal Studios


Digireal Studios is now offering 3D Modeling and Game Design/Concept Art courses that will allow you to take your skills to a whole new level! These courses are available online via a live & interactive platform that allows the students to attend the courses from any device (running Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X, iOs & Android) that can access the internet from any location on the globe. The courses duration is one year and the attendants will be separated into small groups based on availability. These courses require no previous knowledge or skills as we will teach you everything you need to know. Last but not least, they are suitable for all students (14+ years of age) and professionals. Please find further details regarding the courses below:

New Courses Available:

  • 3D Modeling (Level 1)
  • Game Design Concept Art (Level 1)

3D Modeling (Level 1) (No prior knowledge is required)

Duration: 1 Year
Medium: 3D Digital
Who is it for: Anyone interested into learning modeling techniques inside 3D software applications and building a portfolio. Anyone interested into studying a related field on an undergraduate level.
Minimum age: 14+

Course Details:
The course is split in two parts. The first part is solely focused on designing a number of rough concepts like characters, environments, props, products, interiors and exteriors and more to be used as references. The second part entails the use of the above references for recreating a 3D modeled representation of each concept design within a 3D application. An introductory walkthrough of a variety of modeling tools within a 3D software application will aim to give a brief explanation of 3D modeling workflows that can be used to modeling organic and hard surface models. The course is creative yet very technical in order to introduce the students to the all the necessary steps of 3D modeling like UV unwrapping, texturing, shading and lighting that are required to render a model as a final image. Finally the rendered images will be post processed within an image editing application to enhance the visual aesthetics by adding secondary finishing touches and details on the images. By the end of the course the students will acquire a spherical understanding of all the fundamentals regarding modeling inside a 3D application and be confident enough to challenge themselves with complicated designs. Find out more at or at 70006266.

Game Design – Concept Art (Level 1) (No prior knowledge is required)

Duration: 1 Year
Medium: 2D Digital
Who is it for: Anyone interested into getting familiar with game design or concept art techniques and building a portfolio. Anyone interested into studying a related field on an undergraduate level.
Minimum age: 14+

This course aims to educate the students in the field of concept design for the entertainment industries. The attendants will be trained in the area of character design and environment design and learn effective techniques for developing fundamental skills and creative aspiration. The course will teach the students to use every resource of references and information around them and make them capable of designing complex structures and majestic characters. In addition the attendants will learn to use strategic and brainstorming techniques for structuring ideas when at lack of inspiration. The students will practice skills in fields such as Scale, Perspective, Scene Layout, Scene Mapping, Camera Angles, Composition, Color, Texture, Lighting, Values and more. Finally the course  aims to make the students as efficient as possible by teaching them specific techniques of how to work smarter rather than harder by prioritizing their workflow and saving themselves countless of hours of struggle.

Wrapping up the course, a complete portfolio will be built with a series of environments designed from many angles, along with complete character charts that include poses, facial expressions, props and more. In addition, the students are expected to have a solid understanding of the fundamental techniques that are required to design complex ideas. Find out more at or at 70006266.

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